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dual-use technologies "Soyuz"

The enterprise was founded in 1947

42 Academica Zhukova Street, Dzerzhinsky, Moscow region, 140090, Russia
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Civil use products

1. Purpose

FGUP «FCDT «Soyuz» carries out design and implementation of automated systems of aerosol, water and foam fire extinguishment for the enterprises of defense and civil industries according to the technical specification of the customer.

The main facilities, for which the design is carried out:

  • highly explosive and fire-hazard chemical productions;
  • facilities for the destruction of chemical wastes;
  • facilities for the disposal of highly explosive and fire-hazard substances;
  • warehouses of combustible materials;
  • industrial and warehouse facilities for woodworking;
  • mining shafts;
  • storages of material values;
  • server rooms and computer centers, electronic equipment, control panels and terminals;
  • boards and cabinets with electrical equipment, cable compartments;
  • storage containers;
  • electrical and power installations, including diesel generator installations in containers;
  • taxi parks and other facilities.

2. Characteristics and features of fire extinguishing systems

2.1. Devices and equipment – flame sensors MDP, control and manage devices PPKP-M, deluge shutoff valves KD-100, KD-150 manufactured by FGUP «FCDT «Soyuz» (see section 1.3 of this catalog of civil products) are used, and if necessary, the equipment of other manufacturers;

2.2. The number of protected areas and information capacity of the systems (number of sensors – detectors) is not limited;

2.3. The use of flame sensors MDP and control and manage devices PPKP-M, manufactured by FGUP «FCDT «Soyuz», ensures high performance, noise immunity and reliability of fire extinguishing systems, including:

  • Fast operation: giving the “Fire” signal within 0,2 - 0,5 seconds from the moment of ignition;
  • Interference immunity at the cut of the window with background light without giving the “Fire” signal: for scattered sunlight - to 5000 lux; for fluorescent lamps - to 2500 lux; for incandescent lamps - to 250 lux;
  • The ability to detect smoldering fires by applying of forced modulation of the light flux;
  • The possibility to conduct periodic remote check of sensors due to the built-in simulator of infrared radiation.
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