FSUE "The Federal center for
dual-use technologies "Soyuz"

The enterprise was founded in 1947

42 Academica Zhukova Street, Dzerzhinsky, Moscow region, 140090, Russia
Fax:+7(495) 551‑11‑44
e-mail: soyuz@fcdt.ru; sector_ves@rambler.ru

  • We introduce innovative technologies of the XXI century, which are ahead of the time!

  • We are actively involved in the development of space programs!

  • We ensure and support the nuclear shield of the Motherland!

About the enterprise

Yuriy Mihailovich MILEKHIN General Director and General Designer, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russain Academy of Sciences, laureate of State prizes of the USSR and Russia, laureate of Government prize of Russia

FSUE "FCDT "Soyuz" – is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian Federation in the field of chemistry and technology of solid propellants, development of power units for missile systems of different appointment, space systems, systems of direct energy conversion, as well as the creation of dual-use technologies.

The enterprise was founded in October 1947 on the basis of the experimental and research plant 512, which produced gunpowder charges for the legendary "Katyushas" during the Great Patriotic War.

FSUE "FCDT "Soyuz" has modern laboratory, experimental, powerful industrial chemical and mechanical bases, which allow carrying out the entire range of activities from fundamental and applied research, design of prototypes and industrial models, development of industrial technology, creation of new productions to commissioning of the samples, their serial production, control, testing and delivery.

Traditionally remaining a manufacturer of the newest defense products, our enterprise from the beginning of the 90-th has been actively developing the conversion activities, creating on the basis of the dual-use technologies knowledge-based competitive products for general industrial and civil use.

The products of our enterprise are delivered to the Russian and world markets.

FSUE "FCDT "Soyuz" works in close cooperation with the country's leading industrial organizations, sectoral research institutes and design bureaus, factories, testing centers and ranges of the Ministry of Defense.

The style of work of the enterprise is deep scientific and technical approach to all matters relating to development and production, quality assurance, confirmed by many years of experience in creating of highly effective materials, unique technologies and sophisticated equipment.

More than 200 employees of the enterprise got the highest awards of the country (Lenin, State, Government awards) for the high results, which they achieved. More than 1,000 employees were awarded orders and medals. Employees of the company received more than 1,000 diplomas and medals of Russian and international exhibitions.

Today FSUE "FCDT "Soyuz" is a diversified company with a team of highly qualified scientists, engineers and workers who can solve the most difficult problems in science and technology in the field of special technical chemistry.

We are always glad to cooperate with our regular and potential partners.